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Geo ICT is the processing of hydrographic data.

Data Processing

Data processing is done under strict quality control criteria.  Partially data cleaning is already done onboard. Final data processing and plotting are realized at the office.

Data Analysis
To know how good or how reliable our data is, the accuracy of the results is quoted. In order to detect some Periodic and Random Errors, analyze and series of observations are performed.

Metadata represents information of the survey data on:
·        Date, area, equipment used, name of survey platform
·    Horizontal and vertical datum, Tidal datum
·         Calibration results
·         Sound velocity
·    Accuracies and confidence levels

Data Production
The final data production is tailored to the needs of our clients. The product can be produced in digital and analog form. The data is mostly delivered in ASCII format.
·       Paper charts
·       Volume calculation
·       Area calculation
·       Difference surfaces
·       Row (field logs) and processed bathymetric data
·       Side scan data files
·       Supplemental reports
     ·       Calibration Report
     ·       Daily log bathymetry report
     ·       Application checklist