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Braveheart Survey provides operational services, advice and consultancy to the highest possible quality and safety standards, to industries and institutions that require specialist services and advice in the field of maritime services, hydrography and related knowledge.

We provide this services with a team of dedicated and well-trained professionals, based on knowledge and experience and following the principle of learning and continuously improvement. Our goal is to be a preferred supplier in our industry by pursuing a sustainable business. Our corporate purpose is an optimal relation between all stakeholders in the company (owners, employees, clients and suppliers), while at the same time we will pursue our values: flexibility, innovative, passionate and committed. To ensure the quality and monitor the safety standards we introduced a Quality Management System (QMS) within our organization.

Quality Policy
We strive to achieve and guarantee the highest possible quality standard throughout the implementation phase of our projects. We want to meet and where possible go beyond the expectations of our clients.

Data Quality

Every measurement contains errors. Those errors effect the quality of data. All data must pass quality control test to know if it is good enough to use. This quality test is based on several standards, norms and client requirements. Parameters like standard deviation, density, hit count, accuracy are analysed.