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During the wash cycle with a dishwasher tab

Especially the clever ones among us who think they can use a tab twice and open the machine halfway through the wash cycle to change the dishes should be warned;

1. there are still residual traces of the detergent mixture on the dishes, which cannot be removed with a dish towel or clear water.
2. the programme has been interrupted and will start again exactly where you left off. This may mean that the second set does not have enough water to get completely clean.
3. a dishwasher tab is made up of different components.
4. the active ingredients are used in several phases - if you interrupt this process, the dishes cannot become clinically clean.

Tip: Certain misuses are allowed; probably all of us have had the problem that the washing machine smelled bad. Nothing was visible from the outside, but the smell was there nonetheless. Unfortunately, this is then transferred to our laundry - even with an extra portion of fabric softener, nothing can be done; the smell sticks to the "freshly washed" laundry like chewing gum. Of course, there is also a machine cleaner for such purposes.

But we usually don't have it in the house as much as machine cleaner for the tabletop dishwasher. Once the weekend has arrived and we urgently need clean - nice smelling - laundry, good advice is often expensive; no machine cleaner far and wide!

Here is a wonderful solution:

Simply put 2 dishwasher tabs in the drum and start the washing machine on at least 60 degrees.


The same applies as when using the machine care product on the dishwasher; it must be empty - please do not leave any laundry in it!

The result can be seen and smelled:

After the wash cycle, the inside of our washing machine is spotless again and it smells really fresh! Multitabs in particular neutralise odours perfectly!


If you take note of this little 1 x 1 about dishwasher tabs and act responsibly, nothing stands in the way of a happy life with these little helpers. Saving cleverly is also generally allowed - but not if there are dangers lurking; saving here would be fatal! Dishwasher tabs are a wonderful invention. Let's just enjoy the fact that they are served to us "bite-sized", so to speak.