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What should be the interior of the home office

Last times remained when only well-deserved people were awarded in the apartment, awarded the right to obtain additional meters of residential area. Today, the home office is not a privilege or a high social status indicator, but rather the need for those who work a significant part of time without leaving home.
The interior of the home office is created on the principles that are completely different from the basics of the office office. A man working at home, in addition to the maximum convenience of work, should get a feeling of home comfort. Cabinet setting should maximize the nature of the classes, habits and inclinations of the owner.
If the main work has to be done at the desk, then this table should not resemble a government, office. You should pick up a table with a large working surface, comfortable and spacious stands. The depth of the interTambic space should be sufficient for the person sitting behind him could calmly stretch out, straighten his legs. The chair for the home office is also not reminded of office. The task of this chair is not to give an employee posture for continuous productive work, but to create the owner maximum comfort. A rather deep semi-chamber or soft chair with comfortable armrests is selected. It can be held quite a long time, changing the pose and absolutely not taking advantage of physically. If the cabinet owner will work at a computer, then the computer table must comply with its ideas about the convenience of work.
Bookcases and shelves have great importance. A simple pale rack is not suitable for a home office, you need cabinets with deeper shelves, closed papers for papers, discs. The most suitable bookcases are made in a classic style, from dark wood or veneered under them.
Special attention is paid to the lighting of the workplace. It is better if the electric lamps do not have to use during the daytime. And with the occurrence of darkness, except for the general, upper light source, local lighting devices must be provided - table lamps, flooring, wall lamps or sconces.
Do not forget that climate comfort is needed in the office working in the office. Even if there is air conditioning in the room, you still have to buy an ultrasonic air humidifier. Air dried in the air conditioning process is not very helpful to improve performance.
Having equipped the office in the country or in a rustic cottage, you need to take measures to protect against insects. The mesh on the windows is not the best solution, it partially closes the access of fresh air and light, it is better to use repelsers and mosquitoes.
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