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Doctor's set

The correct emotional and social development of a preschooler is an important part of the educational process, without which it is impossible to imagine the formation of a harmonious personality of a boy or girl. That is why it is important for parents to maintain a keen interest in the baby, awakening to role-playing games, reflecting, to one degree or another, various social roles in modern society, giving the baby the opportunity to try them on, let them pass through themselves.

These games include girls 'games in the hairdresser's or the kitchen, boys' construction site games, the seller-buyer role-playing game, and, of course, one of the favorite games of preschool children - the doctor game.

Unlike many games of a similar type, which already involve a fairly clear division by gender, the game of the hospital or the doctor is equally enjoyed by both boys and girls.

The topic of the hospital and the doctor is familiar to almost every child. Surely every baby has been on a routine medical examination more than once, was treated for a cold, and was vaccinated. The furnishings of the medical office, strange and in many ways incomprehensible, seemingly mysterious and magical tools used by each of the specialists, capture the child's imagination, prompting him to unravel the purpose of each of them. That is why so many kids have a desire to become a doctor, for a start, at least for their toys.

Due to the peculiarities of the development of the thinking of a preschooler, it is very important that the role-playing game is as close to reality as possible, both in terms of the set of plot moves and the presence and appearance of the game accessories used in it, it is for these purposes that various "doctor's sets" are intended ...

Currently on the market there are a large number of a wide variety of options for such toys. Here, a kid who dreams of feeling like a real doctor can see a neurologist's hammer, a phonendoscope, a thermometer, a syringe and many other medical tools. Toy medicines are also provided in some embodiments. All this allows you to make the game as realistic as possible, which is especially important for younger's set

A doctor's set is worth buying for a kid over three years old, at this age he already knows how to manipulate various objects, and also begins to strive for a collective game that involves the active involvement of parents and peers in the game process.

When buying a little doctor's kityou should decide in advance what goals and objectives it will meet. A compact version with a small number of basic tools in a convenient case is perfect for a mobile version of the game set. If you plan that the game of the doctor will take place, first of all, in the nursery, you can give preference to a more voluminous version of filling the toy. This set contains a more complete set of puppet medical tools, as well as various accessories that the young doctor can use to make the game more convenient. If space in the child's room allows, you can choose a mobile version of the kit, in which all the tools are conveniently placed in the compartments of a special trolley. This type of set will make it easy to move the game from place to place within one vast playing area.

A kid can play a little doctor alone with his favorite toys, developing his own independence, training fine motor skills of hands and coordination, freely improvising and fantasizing. But much more often, such a role-playing game actively defeatspushes the child not only towards purposeful and intense objective action, but also towards communication, allows him to identify himself with representatives of the adult world.

In the process of playing doctor, there is a rich soil for the development of imagination, abstract and imaginative thinking, and at the same time for the formation of skills of arbitrariness, accuracy and attention to detail. It all depends on the approach to the game that the adult asks the kid.

When communicating during a game "visit to the doctor", the child's vocabulary is actively replenished, and we are talking not only about specific thematic vocabulary, but above all about the ability to correctly construct phrases, to communicate correctly in society.

The doctor game has one more important advantage. Often, babies experience stress before going to the doctor, they are afraid to end up in the hospital, worried and anxious in an unfamiliar environment. With the help of playing with the set of a little doctor,  parents in an unobtrusive, accessible manner can always tell and show the baby what the doctor and the patient will do at the reception, explain that the doctor primarily seeks to help, does not hurt, does not offend. In contrast to simple verbal explanation, play convinces the child faster. By giving the dolls injections and measuring the temperature, listening to breathing and prescribing pills, the baby quietly overcomes his fear, learns to correctly understand the role and task of the doctor.

Playing in the hospital will also help to develop in the baby such qualities that are important for further moral and moral development as empathy, the ability to empathize, be responsive, and strive to help others.

Playing at the doctor will involuntarily make the baby think once again that you need to take good care of your own health, always follow the instructions of doctors, and strive to lead an active and healthy lifestyle.

Even if your baby will never connect his fate with medicine, the doctor's kit is one of those toys that a baby from three to five years old must have. The toy will develop and deepen the preschooler's interest in play and cognitive activity, will help to step from visual-object perception to figurative and abstract. The role-playing game of the doctor will become one of the building blocks for creating the most harmonious way of the baby's development - education through smart and kind developmental games!