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What is express betting and how it works

Parimatch is one of the most popular bookmaker offices in the world. It has the widest line of bets, many promotions, there is a casino, virtual sports and other features. In this material, we will look at how to place a parlay on Parimatch. This type of betting is one of the main, especially for beginners, so it is important to clearly understand how to use it and what nuances of this process should be paid attention to.

How to calculate odds and winnings in a Parlay

The odds in expresses at Parimatch are equal to the product of the odds of all events. In other words, you need to multiply the odds by each other. In the example bet above, this value would be 1.75*1.31*1.65=3.78. On this example of Parimatch parlay we can see the pros and cons of this type of bet.

If we take 3 singles and bet $100 on each one, we would win 1.75*100 1.31*100 1.65*100=471. In the case of a parlay, our winnings would be 300*3.78=1134. The $300 we took because in the first case, the total amount we spent is also 100*3=300.

Is it profitable to choose the expresses all the time

As we can see, the winnings on a parlay will be higher than when using this type of bet, such as an order. At the same time, a single bet can have 1 or 2 out of 3 selections, for our example, while a parlay requires all 3 events to be in play.

It can be very difficult to choose a quality set from a number of events sport parimatch. A maximum of 50 events only creates an extra temptation for newbies. They immediately rush to bet on 30 events with odds no higher than 1.2 without any analysis, and they lose. Professionals know very well about this trap and do not fall into it.

On the other hand, with a proper analysis based on statistics, you can bet on a small number of events that are easy to predict. Individually, their odds will be low, but together they can bring a very nice winnings. The above again emphasizes the need for quality pre-match analysis for betting, even if the bookmaker estimates their probability very highly.