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This year the Libertas and Guardian will go to the Sabetta project for DEME. The awarded contract is for the construction of the approach and harbour basin of the service port of the new LNG terminal in Yamal Peninsula and sea channel in Ob Bau, 2.500 km northeast of Moscow. This new port in the north of Russia is an export for LNG carriers towards the East and the West.

The Guardian will sail on its own keel to Murmansk. This is a trip of 2.800 nautical miles. From Murmansk to the project site is an additional 1.200 miles. The Libertas will be transported by a trailing suction hopper dredger (TSHD) from DEME. Our vessels are deployed to carry out hydrographic survey to support the dredging activities of the dredgers. The vessels also will perform crew tender activities.

In 2013 we were employed by Jan de Nul for the Sabetta project and in 2014 DEME choose to work with us on the same project. In previous years we learned the remote location of the project site and the severe weather conditions are challenging. In preparation of every project we train our crew well and we make sure to supply spare parts on site in case of breakdown.