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In December 2015 the Freedom started with hydrographic survey activities for the Calais Port project. Hydrographic measurements are made for Jan de Nul in Calais, France. The port of Calais is the fourth largest port in France and the largest for passenger traffic.

The project for our client involves:

  • the creation of a new seawall about 3 kilometers long and a dock with a surface area of 90 hectares essential to any development of the port of Calais;
  • the creation of 44 hectares of new quayage using material dredged from the dock, in a balanced cut-and-fill approach;
  • the construction of berths for the latest-generation mega-ferries;
  • the developments required for road and rail connections;
  • a rail – road – sea terminal at the contact point of the future rail and sea motorways from the south of France, as well as from the rest of Europe.